The expanding passenger demand for air travel and the alluring aircraft leasing rates have made it possible for new airline startups to emerge against oppressive global conditions as the airline sector has been emerging from its protracted epidemic hibernation. Leeds/Bradford and Pakistan could soon have direct flights thanks to the new UK airline startup IPS Airways.

IPS Airways was established this year and incorporated in July of last year. Except for the Chief Commercial Officer (Irfan Khan) and the Head of the Inflight Services and Training Department (Qazi Akber Abbasi), not much is currently known about the airline’s administration.

PIA to acquire new planes, to provide WIFI service to passengers

Other than these two, IPS Airways mainly emphasizes that its management staff is extremely competent and incorporates all critical components of the aviation industry, including financial capability, strong local knowledge, and experience employing cutting-edge aviation technologies.

Given that the website advertises a business class option with lie-flat mattresses, in-flight entertainment, and in-flight food and beverages during the journey, the airline startup appears to be leaning toward operating as a full-service carrier. The Airbus A330-200 fleet with the airline code IP is what passengers flying with IPS Airways may anticipate.

According to the company website, the new start-up airline will start its flights to Pakistan. New flights between the UK and Pakistan are being planned by IPS Airways to serve:

  1. East Midlands – Islamabad
  2. East Midlands – Lahore
  3. Leeds/Bradford – Islamabad
  4. Leeds/Bradford – Lahore

According to the company website.

“Discover the amazing history and beauty of Pakistan with the UK’s only airline flying directly from Leeds/Bradford and East Midlands,” IPS Airways wrote on its website in announcing the move.

Additionally, routes to Lahore and Islamabad have been included to the website’s “Our Destinations” section.

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