AirSial flight operations to London Manchester
AirSial flight operations to London Manchester

AirSial to start flights to London & Manchester

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The airline AirSial, which is fairly new in Pakistan, has declared its intention to begin flights to London and Manchester after the EU takes Pakistan off its list high-risk countries in upcoming months. To facilitate the longer trips, the airline is planning to acquire bigger planes.

The removal of Pakistan from the EU’s list of high-risk countries will be a positive move for Pakistan’s airline industry. The EU will hopefully make this decision as a result of the improving security situation in Pakistan. This decision is expected to provide a significant boost to Pakistan’s tourism industry and overall economy.

AirSial’s decision to expand to London and Manchester is a brave one, as it will face competition from more established airlines such as British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. Despite this, AirSial is confident that it can distinguish itself from the competition by offering a top-notch passenger experience.

AirSial is planning to acquire larger aircraft to make its flights to London and Manchester more comfortable for passengers. The new planes will have a greater capacity and longer range, which will allow the airline to offer more seats and a better overall flying experience.

AirSial starts flight operations to Saudi Arabia

AirSial, has recently announced its expansion into the international market by starting direct flights to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This is a significant milestone for the airline, as it marks the first time it has ventured into the international aviation industry.

The airline’s expansion into international markets is part of its broader strategy to establish itself as a leading player in Pakistan’s aviation industry. AirSial has been gradually expanding its services within Pakistan since its inception in December 2020. The move into international markets was driven by a growing demand for air travel to and from Pakistan.

The new direct flights to Jeddah are expected to cater primarily to Pakistani pilgrims travelling to Mecca and Medina for religious purposes. This route is one of the busiest in the world during the Hajj season, attracting millions of Muslims from across the globe. AirSial plans to operate two flights a week on this route initially, with the possibility of increasing flight frequency in the future.

AirSial’s expansion into Jeddah is expected to boost Pakistan’s economy by strengthening trade and business ties between the two countries. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have historically had strong diplomatic and economic relations, and AirSial’s move is expected to enhance this partnership.

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