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The pre-installed Apple Measurement app can be used to measure a person’s height instantaneously on a number of new iPhone models that have a LiDAR Scanner next to the rear camera.

The iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, and iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are now available with this feature.

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The user must perform the following actions in order to measure a person’s height using a LiDAR scanner:

  1. Launch the Measurements program.
  2. With the iPhone pointed at the subject you need to measure, make sure their entire body is visible on the screen.
  3. After a brief delay, a line representing the person’s height will appear on the top of his head.
  4. The user can specify whether the height is displayed in feet, inches, or millimeters.

This program calculates a person’s height from the ground up, including any hair or hats. Users can also gauge a person’s sitting height in a chair.

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Users can take a picture of the person or object they wish to measure and send it to them by pressing the circular button in the lower right corner.

Without a LiDAR scanner, this feature is not available on iPhones.

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