Beaconhouse Pakistan has opened its first business incubator for youngsters aged 10 to 19. Beaconhouse’s SparkTank is a one-of-a-kind platform for kids from all public and private schools in the country. This groundbreaking effort attempts to instill in children the principles of creativity and entrepreneurship at a young age.

Following successful events in Lahore and Karachi, the SparkTank launch finished on the third day with an amazing event in Islamabad. Hundreds of applications were received from around Pakistan, and short-listed students were given the unique chance to present their business ideas, goods, and services to a varied audience of entrepreneurs, investors, industry experts, and startup community members.

Vceela, Tarsil, Milkify, The Stem Educators, Modulous Tech,, Tameer Ghar, Raw Easy, Dollat, Youniform, PayMob, Triisum, HomeVism, Mountainshop, Recce, VisionRD, Kyther Tech, Chattha Bio Care, LearnOBots, and Stem-Minds were among the successful startups represented.

Keynote speakers at the three events included Umar Saif, CEO of Khudi Ventures, Omar Abedin, Head of National Incubation Centre Karachi, and Rizwan Riaz, Pro-Rector Research, Innovation, and Commercialization at NUST.

“We are thrilled to launch SparkTank by Beaconhouse,” stated Kasim Kasuri, CEO of Beaconhouse School System. We hope to create a platform for young entrepreneurs from around the country as the first business incubator for elementary and secondary school students.”

Benefits of SparkTank

SparkTank provides a wide range of support and services for young entrepreneurs aged 10-19 years to help bring their business ideas to life without worrying about costs. A rigorous selection process ensures that the students with best ideas from across the country enter our incubation and mentorship programs.

These students are guided every step of the way, whether they are starting from scratch, developing a prototype, or scaling their business.

The benefits of incubation go way beyond business ownership – we’re here to develop essential skills you need to thrive in an ever-evolving world, including:

  • Leadership
  • Self-responsibility
  • Confidence
  • Critical thinking & problem-solving
  • Communication & teamwork
  • Creativity & innovation
  • Curiosity & imagination
  • Resilience & flexibility
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