Bella Hadid sprayed with a liquid that turned into a dress, becomes internet sensation

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For Paris Fashion Week, Bella Hadid was sprayed with a liquid that turned into an amazing dress during a fashion show. The sprayed-on dress became and internet sensation and it is said to revolutionize the entire fashion and fabric industry. During the Coperni SS23 show during Paris Fashion Week, guests were told to expect huge things, but it is highly doubt that anybody could have predicted the grand finale, which has left the internet buzzing with wide-eyed fascination and incredulity ever since.

The 25-year-old model made an appearance at the annual fashion show in the French capital, Paris. She could be seen almost completely undressed at the top of the runway before Dr. Manel Torres, managing director of Fabrican Ltd. and creator of the spray-on fabric, sprayed a layer of white latex onto her body to create the shape of a Coperni slip dress. Hadid made one more round on the runway to demonstrate the spray-on dress to the audience. To truly believe it, you must witness it.

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Coperni, a company founded in 2019 by Arnaud Vaillant and S├ębastien Meyer, has come to represent pushing the limits of fashion through technological innovation. In an interview with ELLE UK earlier this year, when they had already experimented with hand-blown glass purses, antimicrobial clothing, and XR-shot campaigns, Vaillant said that the business was named after Copernicus, a Renaissance-era astronomer.

“It’s our appreciation of women’s silhouettes from decades ago,” said designer Arnaud Vaillant. Additionally, we wanted to modernize our look in a more sophisticated and rational manner. Because we greatly value what Dr. Torres does, we wanted to dedicate this time to him.

The Vogue cover girl strolled down the catwalk and smiled for the photographers while remaining absolutely still as a score of celebratory music played in the background. Bella said back in May as she prepared to make an appearance at the Met Gala that while she used to experience “so much anxiety” at the notion of doing so, she has since learned to “take a lot of the burden off.”

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