mobile apps for Ramadanmobile apps for Ramadan

For Muslims, Ramadan is a holy month in which they fast from dawn to dusk, pray, and participate in charitable activities. Historically, Muslims depended on traditional methods such as books, calendars, and prayer beads to keep track of their Ramadan activities. With the advancement of technology, however, mobile apps have become a common tool for Muslims to help them remain organized and focused during this holy time.

List of best mobile apps for Ramadan

Here is a quick and short overview of the best mobile apps for Ramadan that will help you keep a good healthy routine during the holy month of Ramadan.

Muslim Pro:

Muslim Pro is a comprehensive app for Muslims that includes prayer times, qibla direction, and the ability to monitor fasting and Taraweeh prayers during Ramadan.

Ramadan Legacy:

Ramadan Legacy is an app that provides a variety of tools to help Muslims monitor their daily Ramadan activities, such as fasting, prayers, and charitable giving. To keep users motivated throughout the month, the program also provides daily reminders and inspirational quotes.

Quran Pro:

During Ramadan, Muslims can use Quran Pro to peruse, listen to, and study the Quran. The program features translations in multiple languages as well as recitations by various Quranic scholars.


MyFitnessPal is a popular app for tracking calorie intake and managing weight reduction objectives during Ramadan. The app asks users to enter the foods they ingest and then calculates the calories they consume.


HalalTrip is a travel app for Muslims who are moving during Ramadan. The app includes a variety of features such as prayer times and Qibla direction, halal restaurants and hotels, and mosque sites in the area.

Zakat Calculator:

Zakat Calculator is an app that assists Muslims in calculating their Zakat, which is a required charitable donation for those who can afford it during Ramadan. The app enables users to enter their assets and liabilities and calculates how much Zakat they owe.


These are some of the best apps for Ramadan for everyday use. These apps can help Muslims stay on track with their religious duties and personal goals during the holy month of Ramadan by offering a variety of tools and resources.

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