Since Elon Musk took over the social media platform, employees of Twitter have been flocking to Blind and thousands of META employees joins, the anonymous professional network.

According to Blind’s co-founder Kyum Kim, more than 1,400 Twitter employees joined up for the service in the previous month. According to him, around 95% of Twitter’s remaining employees are now using Blind.

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Users who are blind can post, however they can only publish a review of the employer they now work for. In order for Blind to “measure the professional status” of its users, the anonymous commenters are forced to disclose their work email address, job title, and employer when they sign up. Kim claimed that this month has witnessed “far greater utilization” as a result of the widespread layoffs in the software industry.

On October 27, Musk’s $44 billion acquisition of Twitter became official. A week later, Musk fired approximately 3,700 workers, or close to half of the company’s staff.

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On the day that several staff members realized that mass layoffs would occur the following morning, employees flocked to Blind to leave reviews. Since 2020, employees have posted over 950 ratings on Twitter.

Employees from other digital companies are now posting on the platform, besides Twitter. About 3,000 Meta employees signed up the day before Mark Zuckerberg announced 11,000 job layoffs, according to Kim, who also serves as Blind’s chief business officer.
In the first two weeks of November, more than 7,000 Meta employees joined Blind, and there are already 64,000 Meta employees working on-site.

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