Ride-hailer Careem has launched a service called Mass-Commute. Careem unveiled its new Mass-Commute service for business clients on Wednesday, promising them a 40% reduction in travel expenses. As is well known, rising inflation makes it challenging for many people to make ends meet. In order to meet their transportation needs, enterprises and companies are increasingly resorting to mass-transit systems.

Careem values its customers, recognizes this need, and introduces a specialized, affordable transportation service that offers individuals individualized options.
According to Muhammad Imran, general manager of Careem Pakistan, businesses are continuously looking for ways to cut expenses due to Pakistan’s rising inflationary pressures. A mass-commute service launched by Careem offers businesses a customized and affordable transportation option.

Through carpooling, the corporation aims to maximize vehicle occupancy. The new service allows groups of three to four passengers to travel together, automatically lowering fuel usage and lowering the cost per employee overall. Furthermore, Craeem guarantees route optimization by providing the fastest and most cost-efficient routes.

Careem unveiled Careem for Business (C4B), a brand-new service that makes corporate travel more convenient for customers and cost-effective for organizations and corporations. In contrast to the service that was offered in 2022, this new one, according to Careem, allows up to 22 persons to share a full vehicle for their daily journey.

All vehicle sizes and types, including coasters, hiatuses, and jets, are included in the new services. They represent a fantastic potential for businesses who provide transportation services for the daily commute of their personnel. Additionally, it is a great solution for businesses who plan business events both inside and outside of the city.

“We understand the challenges companies face in providing safe, effective, and affordable transportation for their colleagues,” says Imran Saleem, general manager of Careem. “We are able to provide our clients with the best experience and value for their money thanks to solutions like mass transit, carpooling, intercity, and premium rides.”

It also provides intercity roses with complementary drinks, field visits, and customized solutions in accordance with company demands, as well as discounts and promotions to corporate workers for personal usage.

In Pakistan, C4B provides a variety of services to over 550 businesses. The most important leverage it offers is specialized solutions that meet business requirements. Daraz, FlyJinnah, Hamdard Labs, Tri-Pack, TATA Pakistan, Gerrys Dnata, Mindstrom, and PHI are among the businesses that now use the service.

Additionally, businesses including Nestle, House of Habib, AirSial, Packages, BASF, SadaPay, Sapphire, Enfrashare, YAP, etc. employ the carpooling service: Jazz, PTCL, Fly Jinnah, Engro, Khaadi, Ufone, Philip Morris, LCI, Maersk, IBA, AKU, Descon, and K-Electric are just a few examples of regular users who use the services.

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