Dr. Sarah Qureshi aerospaceDr. Sarah Qureshi aerospace

Dr. Sarah Qureshi is the CEO and co-founder of Pakistan’s first commercial engine and aircraft R&D company, Aero Engine Craft Private Limited. The business develops environmentally friendly, contrail-free aircraft engines for the global aviation industry. Her doctoral studies in aerospace engineering were finished at Cranfield University in the United Kingdom. As part of her specialization in aerospace propulsion, she concentrated on developing a contrail-free aero-engine. During her Ph.D. studies, Sarah assisted the creator in patenting the contrail-free aero-engine. Two foreign patents have been granted for the invention, which has the potential to change the way aviation interacts with the environment.

Dr. Sarah Qureshi achievements

Dr. Sarah Qureshi is an inspiration to female aerospace executives worldwide. Cranfield University honored her with the Distinguished Aerospace Alumni Award in 2020 for her leadership position and dynamic professional contributions to her industry. She is also a public spokesperson for sustainable aviation. Sarah has been named one of the top 15 worldwide aerospace professionals to follow on LinkedIn for her pioneering work on her revolutionary technology, and she is one of her country’s top ten most inspiring women. Women Tech Network USA recently awarded her with a Recognition of Contribution and Nomination for Global Awards.

Dr. Sarah Qureshi earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the National University of Sciences and Technology before going on to earn a master’s degree in aerospace dynamics and a doctorate in aerospace propulsion from Cranfield University in the United Kingdom.

Sarah previously earned a master’s degree in Aerospace Dynamics from Cranfield University in the United Kingdom, as well as significant experience working in the local automotive and engineering industries after graduating as a Mechanical Engineer from the College of EME, NUST Pakistan.

Dr. Sarah Qureshi’s Aero Engine Craft

Dr. Sarah Qureshi

Dr. Sarah Qureshi is the CEO and co-founder of Aero Engine Craft Private Limited, Pakistan’s first commercial aerospace and engine firm is Aero Engine Craft Private Limited. Its sole purpose is to create indigenous jet engines for both the domestic and global markets. We are currently working on the first generation of environmentally friendly, contrail-free aero engines for the global aviation business. In addition, the business intends to fill a technological gap in the country’s civil and military domains.

Aero Engine Craft markets prototypes, completely developed products, and concept patents at all stages of creation. The startup provides OEMs with engine design services for custom-designed engines with particular performance requirements. The business is headquartered in Islamabad, where it operates a technical laboratory as well as important mechanical and electronic research and prototyping facilities.

Dr. Sarah Qureshi, an environmentalist in aerospace area

Dr. Sarah Qureshi is also an ambassador for the Solar Impulse Foundation and an expert at the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions, where she assesses green solutions for the world.

Water is produced by aircraft engines during combustion and is discharged through the plane’s exhaust. At high altitudes, the water freezes in the cold atmosphere, creating clouds known as contrails that trail behind the aircraft. These man-made cirrus clouds refract sunlight back into space, adding to the greenhouse effect. According to scientists, they have five times the capacity to cause global warming as carbon dioxide.

The majority of ongoing research in the area was devoted to contrail mitigation or avoidance. Dr. Sarah Qureshi began working on removing contrails. Masood Qureshi, her father, developed a device that would eliminate contrails at the source. The device condenses water vapour into a liquid that can be transported on board and discharged later.

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