The Sindh government on Sunday announced that it was launching a new bus service in Karachi in the city comprising “completely environment-friendly” fleet of electric vehicles. It is important to know that the electric bus service is being launched in the load shedding hit city of Karachi which questions its feasibility.

Sindh Information and Transport Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon took to the social media to share brief details of the fresh initiative.

“Transport department government of Sindh is going to start New Bus service in Karachi. These are Pakistan’s first electrical vehicles which are completely environment friendly. From tomorrow we are going to start the test drive in the city,” he tweeted.

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After analyzing a test run, Sharjeel spoke to the media and announced that the electric buses would begin service for commuters after 10 days of testing. He added that because the buses were 12 meters long, they would operate on routes with less traffic. He stated that the bus routes would shortly be released.

He explained that the buses would be powered by solar energy, and the project’s management organization would also put up the charging stations for the vehicles.

According to a source with knowledge of the situation, “the Sindh government took a similar initiative in March 2021 and started the nation’s first electric bus project in Karachi with a promise that by the end of the year, the number of these eco-friendly vehicles will climb to 100.”

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“The electric bus was introduced to travel between Tower and Sohrab Goth, and the fare was set at just Rs. 10 for one stop. The only route, however, was abandoned since it was unable to be sustained, the person added.

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