Electic Vehicles in PakistanElectic Vehicles in Pakistan

The first electric bus service in Islamabad on two routes starting from June. This move is aimed at promoting eco-friendly transportation in the city and reducing carbon emissions.

On the request of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), the National Radio and Telecommunications Corporation (NRTC) has begun production of electric buses. The Electric Bus Service in Islamabad to start operations on two routes in June.

According to CDA sources, NRTC has informed the agency that bus production has begun. The first batch of 30 electric buses will be delivered by NRTC next month.

Electric Bus Service in Islamabad Route

The drivers would be trained after the first batch of NRTC electric buses arrives, according to CDA officials. After two weeks of driver training, these buses will be on Islamabad’s roads in the first week of June. In the first phase, these buses will operate on two routes, connecting IJP and Taramri to the Central Metro Bus System.

Electric Bus Features

The electric buses will have a seating capacity of around 40 passengers and will be equipped with modern facilities, including air-conditioning, CCTV cameras, and GPS trackers. The buses will be charged using a fast-charging system, which will take around 20-25 minutes to charge the battery completely.

Why is moving towards electric vehicles a necessity?

The electric bus service is a key step toward encouraging green mobility and lowering air pollution in the city. It is expected to give citizens with a cleaner and more comfortable commuting experience while also lowering the bus service’s operational costs.

The introduction of an electric bus service in Islamabad is part of the government’s attempts to support the country’s sustainable development. It is hoped that this project would inspire other cities in Pakistan to implement eco-friendly transportation alternatives, which will benefit the environment and inhabitants’ quality of life.

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