Electric Bikes in PakistanElectric Bikes in Pakistan

As the world shifts towards more sustainable modes of transportation, electric bikes have gained significant popularity. Pakistan, too, has witnessed a surge in the adoption of electric bikes as people seek convenient and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional petrol-powered motorcycles.

Best Electric Bikes in Pakistan

In this article, we explore three of the best electric bike brands available in Pakistan: Jolta, Metro Electric Motorcycle, and evee.


Retro is an all-electric brat-scrambler crossover bike with a 1500-watt electric motor and a lithium-ion battery pack. It has a similar driving range of up to 80 kilometers on a full charge, and a claimed 0-60 kph time of just around 4.5 seconds. Compared to Bolt, Retro is a lighter bike, which makes its daily drive and maneuverability easier.

It also has similar modern features such as a digital information cluster, front and rear disc brakes with ABS and CBS technology, adjustable front and rear shock absorbers, DRLs, LED headlights, taillights, etc. Retro has a relatively cheaper price tag of Rs. 249,000, excluding delivery charges.

Jolta Pakistan

Jolta Pakistan is a leading name in the electric bike industry, offering a diverse range of electric motorcycles that are both stylish and efficient. Their bikes are equipped with cutting-edge technology and innovative features, making them a top choice for riders looking for a reliable and eco-friendly mode of transport.

Jolta electric bikes are powered by advanced lithium-ion batteries, delivering excellent performance and a remarkable range. With a strong emphasis on safety, Jolta incorporates features like ABS braking, LED lighting, and robust suspension systems into their bikes. Furthermore, their models come with user-friendly digital displays, providing riders with vital information such as battery life and speed. Cheapest Jolta Bike starts from Rs. 160,000.

Metro Electric Bike

Metro Electric Motorcycle is another prominent player in the electric bike market of Pakistan. Their flagship model, the Metro T9, stands out for its sleek design and powerful performance. This electric bike boasts a top speed of 60 km/h and a range of up to 80 kilometers on a single charge, making it an ideal choice for both urban commutes and short trips.

The Metro T9 features a lightweight yet durable frame, ensuring agility and ease of maneuverability on busy city streets. It comes equipped with a maintenance-free brushless motor, regenerative braking system, and a reliable lithium-ion battery pack. The bike also offers a comfortable seating position and ample storage space, enhancing the overall convenience for riders.

evee C1 Electric Bike

The evee C1 electric bike stands as a stylish and eco-conscious option for urban dwellers in Pakistan. With its sleek design and compact size, this electric bike is perfect for navigating through congested city traffic. The C1 boasts a range of up to 70 kilometers and a top speed of 45 km/h, making it suitable for short to medium distance commutes.

The evee C1 is designed with the rider’s comfort in mind, featuring a spacious seat, adjustable handlebars, and shock-absorbing suspension. The bike is equipped with a powerful motor and a removable lithium-ion battery pack that can be charged at home or at charging stations across the city. It also includes LED lights, digital instrumentation, and hydraulic disc brakes for enhanced safety.

The electric bike revolution is gaining momentum in Pakistan, and brands like Jolta, Metro Electric Motorcycle, and evee are leading the way by offering reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly alternatives to conventional motorcycles. With their advanced features, stylish designs, and impressive performance, these electric bikes are empowering riders to embrace sustainable transportation while enjoying a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience. As the electric bike market in Pakistan continues to evolve, these brands are playing a crucial role in reshaping the future of commuting in the country.

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