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Epic Games has released Postparty, a new clip-sharing application that can be used by gamers to share Fortnite gameplay clips on social media. Users of Epic Games’ Fortnite and Rocket League can use the program to easily share gameplay clips on social media and connect with other gamers. It is presently available for iOS and Android devices.

Of course, sharing gaming highlights is already possible, but the process is currently excruciatingly difficult and platform-specific. Epic’s new app encourages Fortnite users to share clips from Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC by consolidating the process into a single app. The app is also available for Rocket League, the company’s popular soccer-but-with-cars game, though only for Xbox and PlayStation for the time being, the support for PC and Switch is expected soon.


Postparty is a mobile app that enables gamers to reconnect after playing online games together. The app provides a social platform for players to chat, share pictures, and create communities with others who share their love of gaming.

Postparty allows gamers to integrate with famous online games. Many of the most popular games are presently supported by the app, including Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty. Players can use the app to connect with other players they’ve played with, making it simple to create a gaming network.

Players can make their own profiles, which display their gaming statistics, favorite titles, and other interests. This makes it simple to discover other gamers who share your interests and skill level.


Fortnite, one of the popular online game is developed by Epic Games. Fortnite took the world by storm since its release in 2017 and is one of the most played online game even today.

The game has drawn millions of players from all over the world and has become a cultural phenomenon, with Fortnite references showing everywhere from social media to mainstream news.

One of the reasons contributing to Fortnite’s phenomenal success is its ease of use. The game is available for free on a variety of platforms, including Computer, Xbox, PlayStation, and mobile devices. The game’s cartoonish graphics and playful aesthetic appeal to both young and old players, and new players can rapidly master it thanks to its straightforward gameplay.

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