The most innovative and the most environment friendly Stadium of the FIFA World Cup, Stadium 974 to be dismantled after the FIFA World Cup match today between Brazil and South Korea.

Stadium 974 is one of the seven stadiums that Qatar constructed for the World Cup will be demolished following the event.

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That is what Stadium 974 in Doha, a port-side facility with more than 40,000 seats that was partially constructed from repurposed shipping containers and steel, has been described as by the games’ organizers.

FIFAL World Cup Stadium 974

According to Qatar, the stadium will be completely disassembled following the World Cup and may be transported to nations in need of infrastructure. While praising the design, outside experts argue that more information is needed to understand what happens to the stadium after the event.

According to Karim Elgendy, an associate fellow at the London-based Chatham House think tank who previously served as a climate consultant for the World Cup, “designing for disassembly is one of the basic concepts of sustainable building.”

Designed to be DISMANTLED:

Nearly 40% of global carbon emissions related to energy come from buildings. About 10% of percent comes from “embodied” carbon, or the greenhouse gas emissions connected to the building-related processes of construction, upkeep, and deconstruction.

The treatment of low-paid migrant laborers who constructed more than $200 billion in stadiums, metro lines, and other infrastructure for the World Cup in Qatar has drawn criticism from throughout the world. According to Qatar, the critique disregards recent labor improvements.

The only World Cup site that Qatar built that doesn’t have air conditioning is called Stadium 974, which is also the number of shipping containers that were utilized to build the stadium. It will host the game between Brazil and South Korea today.

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Reusable Stadiums in Qatar

After the games are over, plans for the other six stadiums have been established, according to Qatar. Numerous seats will be removed from many.

The multicolored shipping containers are utilized to construct Stadium 974 and to house amenities like restrooms inside the building. The colorful corrugated steel boxes in bold shades of red, yellow, and blue seem to be hung between sheets of steel, like enormous Lego blocks. The stadium’s structure gives off an industrial vibe.

Qatar has not specified where or even when the stadium will be demolished after the competition. The stadium might be used to build numerous smaller stadiums or another venue of the same size, according to the organizers.

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