Germany is working on that long-awaited law to allow dual citizenship to its residents from other countries who have lived in Germany for 5 years. Another expected amendment is to give citizenship on birth (if any of the parents have spent 5 years in Germany). Previously it was 8 years to get nationality and the resident had to renounce his/her nationality to get German Nationality.

Germany to allow citizenship by descent to foreigner who has been living in Germany for 5 years and will give German Citizenship right to its new residents.

According to DesiUpdate Germany, the long-standing prohibition on immigrants holding dual citizenship will be lifted by the German government after the German citizenship law amendment. The plan, which has long been the standard in many countries, is said by those who will be impacted to be long overdue. Dual citizenship is previously allowed in a number of countries but was not allowed in European countries.

Comprehensive modifications to the country’s immigration laws are being prepared by the Social-Democrat-led administration, with the main goal of luring more highly skilled individuals to Germany and alleviating the chronic labor shortages there. Making the process of obtaining German citizenship less difficult is one strategy to encourage immigration and integration.

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The three modifications included in the new citizenship proposals are as follows:

  1. Instead of the current eight years, immigrants who are legally residing in Germany will be able to seek citizenship after five years.
  2. German citizenship is automatically conferred upon children born in the nation, provided that at least one parent has been there legally for at least five years;
  3. It will be possible to hold multiple citizenships.

Those who are currently eligible for dual citizenship in Germany include those whose countries of origin (such as Iran, Afghanistan, or Morocco) do not allow or make it very difficult to renounce citizenship, children of dual citizens, refugees who face persecution in their home country, and immigrant Israelis. A large number of Syrian refugees who came to Germany swiftly integrated and were given preference for gaining German citizenship.

According to the Federal Statistics Office, there are about 2.9 million dual citizens. This represents about 3.5% of the entire population. The true number, according to the Federal Statistical Office, is higher because of an increase, with 69% of newly naturalized Germans still holding onto their original passports.

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