Google and TikTok are planning to set up offices in Pakistan Soon. Syed Aminul Haque, the Federal Information Technology (IT) Minister, stated during a ceremony in Islamabad that TikTok is eager to open offices there after successful discussions were concluded, and he also hinted that another significant social media network would follow suit.

Senator Afnan Ullah made the announcement that a Google team would be traveling to Islamabad in December to launch operations there. Senator further stated that 15,000 Pakistani citizens will receive scholarships once it occurs. On December 11, he said, a Google delegation would be in the nation.

TikTok in Pakistan

It is believed that the majority of the plans have been made, and TikTok will soon open an office in Islamabad, even though the precise terms of the discussions or the anticipated date of the event were not made public.

Since TikTok’s development and popularity in Pakistan had been through the roof, it was only natural that they would actively enter the country. Soon, they would need to keep things as close as possible.

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He noted that the government wanted social media businesses to establish offices in the nation and stated that TikTok was one with which effective negotiations had taken place. The platform may soon establish headquarters in Islamabad, he added.

The Pakistani government has made attempts to directly regulate TikTok’s operations there, although it is clear that these efforts have failed. Because of TikTok’s opposition, the government has also repeatedly banned the app. TikTok will have better communication with the Government by building an office in Islamabad that will handle operations for Pakistan and that will have local workers, and issues may ultimately be resolved.

Google in Pakistan

Google launched Career Certifications at the beginning of September to assist Pakistanis in gaining the knowledge and digital skills necessary to thrive in the modern economy. The Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) gave its approval to all required papers.

As part of its commitment to Unlock Pakistan’s Digital Potential, Google has promised to provide 15,000 scholarships by the end of the year through local partners IRM and Ignite, which are made up of educational institutions, business partners, and organizations.

He also mentioned that Pakistan’s information technology sector had received a $1 billion loan from the South Korean government with a 0.1 percent interest rate.

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The senator declared that on his own initiative and in partnership with the government, he was striving to revolutionize the nation’s information technology sector. You declare, “I have advanced training in the field of information technology, and I want to apply it for the benefit of the nation.” “I want to use it for the good of the nation.”

Haque also discussed how Pakistan’s IT industry will benefit from the development of locally built cellphones. According to Syed, the government wants to boost production in order to decrease the import of smartphones.

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