Internet Explorer deadInternet Explorer dead

On Valentine’s Day, Microsoft delivered some terrible news to Internet Explorer users: Internet Explorer is No More.

Internet Explorer, for years the primary way for a generation of computer users to view any website and pioneer web browser known as the IE Browser.
After nearly 30 years, Microsoft is dying off the antiquated browser’s desktop software with the release of an upgrade to its newer Edge browser on Tuesday. Users will be moved to Edge, and additional updates scheduled during the summer will remove traces of the defunct browser from start menus and taskbars. From now onwards there will be no internet explorer, it will be Edge.

Microsoft stated Tuesday that it has permanently deactivated the desktop version of Internet Explorer on certain versions of Windows 10, as well as upgraded its newer browser, Microsoft Edge.

According to the firm, all other consumer and commercial devices that have not already been shifted from Explorer to Microsoft Edge will be affected. When users try to access Explorer, they are now sent to Edge. You cannot download internet explorer and use it any more of windows or cannot download internet explorer for ipad (IE browser).

Microsoft launched the browser in 1995 as one of the earliest and most popular browsers on the internet at the time. Throughout its history, the company issued 11 versions of Explorer, with the latest version released in 2013.

Microsoft announced the retirement of Explorer in June of last year, but it wasn’t until Tuesday that the software stopped working for customers. The graphic features and icons in the start menu and task bar of Internet Explorer 11 will likewise be phased out in June.

“With an increasing number of websites no longer supporting Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge offers a quicker, more secure, and more contemporary browsing experience that can still open legacy, Internet Explorer-dependent sites when needed,” according to the company’s announcement.

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