Digital transformation revived PTIDigital transformation revived PTI

Pakistan is a country of 220 Million with a number of big and small political parties trying hard to lead the country. Some of the parties are present on the country’s political canvas for decades. Most of the political parties are using the conventional political process of engaging with their party and other citizens of big gatherings and interactions. Imran Khan was ousted but the Digital transformation revived PTI and made it the most famous political party of Pakistan within a year.


However, the digital transformation makes it necessary for the political parties to adapt to the change and use it to increase their impact and interaction with the nation. Pakistan is a country of 220 million comprising almost 40 percent of youth who already have accepted the digital transformation in the world. Around 180 million of Pakistanis are using phones and smartphones for interaction and also social media platforms.

As most of the parties were still using the conventional methods of interaction, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf knew how to use the digital transformation and adapted to it really well. PTI’s Imran Khan was ousted from the Prime Minister position few months back and it was assumed that the party will not be able to stay intact and will become a part of the past as already happened with political parties in the past.

No one expected the party to revive keep a side winning the race. Instead of accepting the defeat and getting into the loop of depression the party composed itself and utilized the social media for its revival and now it shocked the entire local politics by winning 90% of seats in Punjab. How did PTI do it and how other political parties should learn from Imran Khan and his party?

Imran Khan will be remembered as a pioneer for using social media and digital media to engage the country’s nearly 40% teenage and young adult population and spread his message. Imran Khan began giving interviews to journalists soon after he was removed as prime minister, made unexpected appearances on podcasts, and engaged with the record-breaking twitter space to make an impression and spread his message to the unorthodox media consumers.


Reason for PTI success is that they are really influential and busy on the social media they have social media pages on on the different platforms facebook, instagram, twitter and even on tiktok which help them communicate their message to the youth. It motivates the people and specially youth to stay updated and also to contribute to the cause just by commenting and resharing the posts increasing the reach of a message from the political party.


PTI is know for their optimization of processes. The Citizen portal was one of the application which brought the party to a global highlight when the party was in government. PTI have created applications for their party workers which not only removes the hectic paperwork but also helps to communicate easily and quickly with the target audience.

PTI have made websites for management and donation purpose which gives the the chance to get support from people not only from Pakistan but also from overseas Pakistanis. The overseas Pakistani’s donate and also send remittances which not only gives a boost to economy but also have an impact on the family members who are in Pakistan and are likely to vote in upcoming elections.


According to sources Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf uses website and applications for each and every task. The party have made everything centralised it helps them manage the different volunteers differences in Media Group also there are t overall they are able to use these apps and website to communicate with the dinner party and avoid the written messages or the people work it helps them to manage and maintain a good record and use this data for the future strategies.


PTI has kept up with the developments and has been moving forward with the digital transformation at a good pave. Every party employee’s data is available to the party, allowing them to quickly communicate and establish a trend in the wake of an occurrence. Every Tehsil-level party official in Pakistan volunteered for a constituency. To confirm where they will go and volunteer, there were three follow-ups.


To every volunteer and party employee, three pre-recorded calls and messages from Imran Khan were distributed. This strategy not only raised employee morale but also conveyed the impression of a large family. Imran Khan is not famous for his social interactions but is famous with his appreciations and motivating messages for the party workers which keep the spirits high even when the party was ousted from government.

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