improve technical skills during Ramadanimprove technical skills during Ramadan

Improving technical skills with a smartphone may appear difficult, but with the correct strategy, it can be an effective learning and development tool. Improving technical skills during the month of Ramadan requires discipline, time management, and dedication. Its better to utilize the evenings and nights to improve your technical skills during Ramadan.

Steps to improve technical skills during Ramadan 2023

Here are some things you can do to improve technical skills during Ramadan:

Install relevant apps:

There are numerous apps available to assist you in improving your technical skills. Install apps related to your field of interest, such as coding, design, or project management tools.

View tutorial videos:

There are numerous online platforms that provide free tutorial videos on a variety of subjects, including technical skills. Find and watch videos on your smartphone that cover the abilities you want to acquire.

Join relevant communities

Connect with other professionals in your industry and learn from their experiences by joining online communities. Participate in discussions by joining pertinent online communities or forums.

Read e-books:

E-books are a convenient way to acquire technical skills while on the go. Download and peruse e-books on your smartphone in your spare time.

Take online classes:

Many online learning platforms offer technical skill courses. Utilize these courses and finish them on your smartphone.

Practice, Practice, Practice:

After learning a new ability, put it to use on your smartphone. Write some code on your smartphone, for example, if you’re starting to code. This will enable you to reinforce your knowledge and improve your skills.

Attend Webinars

Attend technical seminars and conferences: Attend technical workshops and conferences. These events can provide excellent opportunities to learn new techniques, network with other professionals, and stay current on the latest trends and advancements in your field.


Individuals can effectively improve their technical skills while also meeting their religious duties by creating a schedule, prioritizing tasks, using online resources, joining a community, practicing regularly, taking breaks, and staying hydrated. Individuals can make the most of Ramadan while also improving their technical skills by following these methods.

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