India loses ACC Final from Pakistan which is yet another Final Match of a Championship that India has lost i the past few years.

Analysts blames IPL for lack of intent and effort to win by Indian Team.

Before today India lost the WTC final from Australia. This was India’s second defeat in a row in WTC finals, following a loss to New Zealand in the first event in 2021. Chasing an implausible 444-run mark, India began the day at 164 for 3 but quickly lost batting stalwart Virat Kohli (49), Ravindra Jadeja (0), and Ajinkya Rahane (43) to be bowled out for 234 in 63.3 overs.

The IPL’s prominence has led to a shift in focus from international cricket to domestic leagues as per the Indian Sports Analysts who that that India’s bad performance in WTC Final (World Test Championship) is impacted by IPL. Players often prioritize IPL commitments over national team duties, leading to scheduling conflicts and player fatigue. The increased frequency of T20 matches and player burnout negatively impact the quality and performance of Indian players in international cricket.

IPL players in Indian team

Critics and analysts have pointed out that the Indian team’s performance in the WTC Final lacked the cohesive spirit typically associated with a national team. Instead, it seemed as though the players were representing their respective IPL teams rather than the country as a whole. This shift in mindset and team dynamics may have affected their ability to function as a unified unit, ultimately hindering their performance in the crucial match.

IPL’s impact on Indian Test Cricket

The rise of T20 cricket, including the IPL, has impacted the popularity and relevance of Test cricket. With the focus on fast-paced, high-scoring T20 matches, Test cricket has taken a backseat in terms of viewership and public interest. This shift in cricketing preferences could have long-term ramifications for the development and sustainability of Test cricket in India.

Player burnout and injuries

The grueling schedule of the IPL, with back-to-back matches and extensive travel, puts immense physical and mental strain on players. As a result, injuries and fatigue have become more prevalent, jeopardizing the availability of key players for international matches. This constant pressure on players’ bodies and minds affects their performance and longevity in the international arena.

Impact on fan loyalty

The IPL’s glitzy nature and star-studded teams have attracted a new breed of cricket fans. However, this shift in loyalty towards franchises rather than the national team can erode the passion and support for Indian international cricket. The intense focus on the IPL can dilute the emotional connection fans have with the Indian cricket team.

The WTC Final witnessed a peculiar phenomenon among Indian cricket fans. The rivalry between supporters of Indian captain Virat Kohli and vice-captain Rohit Sharma seemed to overshadow the team’s collective performance. Rather than unifying behind the national team, some fans appeared more pleased with the failure of the opposing player from their preferred camp. This divisive atmosphere could have had a negative impact on team morale and unity.

Distracting from national team priorities

The IPL’s timing often clashes with important international series and tournaments, diverting attention away from the national team’s preparations. This distraction can disrupt team dynamics, affect player focus, and potentially compromise the performance of the Indian team in crucial matches.

Sports analysts have observed a stark contrast in the energy and commitment displayed by Indian players during IPL matches compared to their performances in international cricket. While the players exhibit tremendous enthusiasm and motivation while representing their respective IPL franchises, a similar level of intensity and dedication seems to be lacking when they don the national colors. This disparity in mindset and attitude has raised concerns regarding the prioritization of the IPL over international commitments, potentially impacting the team’s performance in crucial matches.


India finds itself in a precarious position in the ongoing Test match against Australia. In the first innings, Australia amassed an imposing total of 469 runs, while India currently stands at 152 runs with 5 wickets down. The substantial deficit of 317 runs puts India under significant pressure as they strive to narrow the gap and avoid a follow-on. The team’s ability to mount a resilient comeback will be crucial in determining the outcome of the match.

While the Indian Premier League has undoubtedly revolutionized the world of cricket, its negative impacts on Indian international cricket cannot be ignored. From the shift in focus from international cricket to player burnout, financial disparities, and corruption concerns, the IPL has posed significant challenges to the health and vitality of Indian cricket. It is crucial for stakeholders to strike a balance between the IPL’s commercial success and the overall well-being and success of Indian international cricket.

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