inlights traffic system installationinlights traffic system installation

A Student of Mechanical Engineering from NUST, Muhammad Ahmad is working on resolving one of Pakistan’s biggest problem “Traffic Congestion” by developing an Intelligent Traffic System using Image Processing through his amazing startup “inLights“. The intelligent Traffic System is using image processing techniques to count the number of vehicles on a traffic signal and allocating time for green light as per the number of vehicles in queue. The system utilizes image processing to make the traffic flow optimized and efficient.

Latest Update

Inlights have a big good news that the first of its type inlights smart traffic signals installations is in progress in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad. It is a big achievement for the young entrepreneur to install the smart traffic signal now during the increased competition and difficult conditions for startups and new projects in the country.

Karachi’s first 100 KW Solar Park to provide energy for traffic lights and street lights

Pakistan’s population is a big concern which causes urbanization and is directly impacting the traffic. Inefficient and non-sufficient public transport makes it mandatory for the people to get their own vehicles increasing the traffic on the streets. The increased vehicles are causing traffic jams even in normal routine as the roads and traffic signals are not enough to utilize the time and technology for efficient transport/ traffic management.

InLights traffic system is an amazing startup working to become a wave of fresh air to resolve traffic jams especially on the traffic signals. Currently the project is in its initial stages and is expected to become the starting point of a Smart City that is launched using the local Engineers and local technology. Currently the company is testing its Intelligent Traffic System and is expected to expand their test area soon.

What is Intelligent Traffic Management System:

Intelligent Traffic Management System have traffic lights that can adapt to the patterns of bustle at junctions and other important road traffic places based on the number of vehicles, data from queue detectors, and images from cameras.

Intelligent Traffic Management responds to loads and timing can be really helpful in easing traffic congestion. Smart traffic lights can adapt to the patterns of bustle at junctions and other important road traffic places based on the number of vehicles, data from queue detectors, and images from cameras.

Electric Bus Service launched in load shedding hit Karachi

Everyone benefits, from the everyday driver to the logistical companies. In addition to serving as a general optimizer of the interaction between traffic lights and road users, it also saves time, energy, and fuel.

Who is managing inLights traffic system?

Muhammad Ahmed, the Founder and CEO of inLights, is a mechanical engineer keen interests in automation and robotics. Enthusiastic about implementing state of the art automation, industrial and manufacturing processes in the country and willing to give my maximum to make significant contributions to the society. Muhammad Ahmad complete his Mechanical Engineering from School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (SMME), NUST.

Impact of inLights Intelligent Traffic System

Intelligent Traffic Management Systems have a number of benefits in big cities.


The main justification for any increase in road traffic is safety using image processing techniques. inLights traffic system will help with the safety as the traffic lights will be operated automated and optimized. One must feel secure that any hazard is either completely eliminated or minimized in the area where heavy machinery and speed are united. Accident risks are considerably reduced through predictive traffic planning, automated traffic signals, and open punishment programs for offenders.

Environment Impact:

The inLights traffic system will cut down on carbon emissions because vehicles won’t have to wait in long lines if it’s not necessary given the volume of traffic. Particularly during slower periods of traffic and at night when there is less traffic, vehicles will move along without delays.

Achieving climate neutrality and decreasing carbon footprints are policies that are practically met by every component of smart traffic management systems. For a megacity, even one fully implemented traffic congestion control system can prevent billions of gallons of fuel from being wasted annually.

Economic Impact:

As the vehicles will not be required to stay in queue in less busy hours, the fuel consumption (from stationary) will be reduced using the inLights traffic system. It concerns the effective distribution of resources for the benefit of society. Therefore, even a small change on a large scale may have a cumulative effect and a favorable collateral effect on other economic spheres.

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