Gilgit Baltistan is quickly becoming Pakistan’s Silicon Valley and a number of IT parks and another 3 IT parks are being established to support the local startups and local graduates in the field of Information Technology. A significant development is the approval of 3 additional IT Parks throughout the region, which will become operational by February of next year as per the Chief Secretary of the Gilgit-Baltistan Government. They will give Gilgit Baltistan’s computer scientists and software engineers with housing and a supportive atmosphere for the growth of their startups and established businesses.

The IT revolution has boosted the economies of numerous areas, and soon, the UK will join them. These IT parks would be a sight to see with spotless offices surrounding their premises. They will have all the auxiliary facilities needed for such spaces to operate, as well as high speed broadband.

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In order to move toward designs that have been shown to increase efficiency, we’ve chosen to give both open workspace and closed workstations in these parks, following the lead of other model IT parks across the world. Attached are the sample designs. What heights may Gilgit Baltistan not reach with such efforts to modernize and revolutionize the area? Every age requires a new revolution, and in Gilgit Baltistan, we feel that the revolution will be in technology.

The main goals has been to change the landscape of GB, bring it up to par with smart cities in the developed world, and broaden its economic base through technological development. To this end, the government of Gilgit Baltistan established an IT Park in Skardu after Gilgit with the assistance of SCO. Several start-up businesses located nearby are given amenities like constant power and high-speed broadband.
This would inspire young people to look for new employment opportunities, expanding the region’s labor pool.

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Previously IT Park was established in Chilisdas with a number of facilities for local startups and young graduates. The personnel of more than 20 information technology enterprises will have access to free internet, basic utilities, and co-working space thanks to the software technology park that has been constructed in the city’s Chilisdas neighborhood.

At the opening ceremony, the chief minister announced that Great Britain had become the first region in the nation to offer free internet access and a co-working space to young people working in the IT industry. He said that his government gave the development of information technology great priority.

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