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The Citizens Foundation (TCF) is implementing tech-enabled learning across 1,800 TCF schools with the help of Jazz to digitize the Pakistan education system.

23 computer laboratories have already undergone renovations as part of this initiative, and all TCF schools now have a school management app that provides efficient, transparent, and accurate data gathering and management for all students, faculty, and non-faculty staff.

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While the computer curriculum under the DLP (Digital Literacy Program) for grades 6–8 is specifically created to equip students with digital-age skills, the blended learning solution for primary students is an innovative approach that combines online and offline education to provide a more interactive and engaging learning experience.

The digitization project also made it possible to translate textbooks and educational resources for grades 6 and 7 into Urdu, resulting in the creation of a bilingual curriculum and a written bilingual lesson plan. Additionally, 700 Android phones were distributed to all of the TCF network’s schools, aiding in the rollout of the blended learning initiative.

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The female teacher training program is also an essential component of the grant because it will digitally empower women to assume more leadership positions and maximize their performance, which has been a key focus area for Jazz in order to create an inclusive and equitable society.

Jazz works with TCF on this significant effort to digitize schools and give students access to the most cutting-edge technology. Jazz continues to pool its resources and experience in order to develop long-term, sustainable solutions and partnerships that benefit people, motivated by the desire to digitally empower youth and help the government of Pakistan realize its vision for Digital Pakistan.

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