Amid the growing popularity of AI tools such as ChatGPT and others, a new AI-powered chatbot named KissanGPT has been introduced to assist Indian farmers. Given India’s agricultural prowess, this AI chatbot could be a game changer for farmers who rely primarily on farming for a living.


KissanGPT is a ChatGPT-powered chatbot that answers farmers’ agricultural questions. It’s available in a variety of languages including Hindi, Indonesian, Portuguse, Spanish and other regional languages. KissanGPT can offer real-time recommendations on crop cultivation, irrigation, pest management, and other agricultural concerns. Farmers may engage with the chatbot using their cellphones, making it a simple and convenient tool to employ.

KissanGPT’s developers, lead by Pratik Desai anticipates that it will assist bridge the information gap between farmers and specialists while also providing farmers with the knowledge and resources they need to boost earnings. This AI chatbot is intended to be user-friendly and accessible to farmers around the country, regardless of education level or region.

KissanGPT has already received favorable comments from farmers who have used it, with many stating that it has assisted them in making better crop decisions and increasing yields. KissanGPT provides Indian farmers with a strong new tool to assist them overcome farming obstacles and achieve greater success in their fields.

To maximize their income, farmers in India are increasingly turning to KissanGPT, an AI chatbot built to assist with agricultural problems. Farmers are increasingly turning to the chatbot for guidance on which vegetables to grow for best profit.

Farmers ask KissanGPT questions such as, “Which vegetable can be grown for the most profit?” and “What is the best crop to plant for high yields?” AI-powered algorithms in the chatbot provide real-time guidance and insights on crop cultivation, pest control, soil management, and other farming-related issues, allowing farmers to make informed agricultural decisions and increase yields. KissanGPT was recently utilized to demonstrate how Indian squash can be used to generate up to 5 lakhs in profit.

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