Pakistan's mobile phones

According to Almas Haider, Chairman of the Engineering Development Board (EDB), 97 percent of Pakistanis’ mobile phones are “Made in Pakistan.” All brands of mobile phones, with the exception of one, are domestically produced. Only Apple mobile phones are not manufacture locally.

A $1.25 million order for the first batch of mobile phones to be exported has been placed with EDB. He stated that EDB is working to localize solar panels.

The first batch of “MADE IN PAKISTAN” Haval SUVs is ready for launch

Murtaza Mehmood, the federal minister for production and industries, stated at the time that the government is establishing a complete framework for the solar business. Government structures and agricultural tube wells will switch to solar energy under this scheme.

According to a national study, Pakistan’s demand for solar energy (including off- and on-grid) was estimated at 4 GW in 2022 and was expected to rise to 6-7 GW during the following two years. With such a high demand, he continued, it was vital to seek for ways to encourage and support local production of solar panels and related products.

The minister stated that Pakistan could begin the process of local manufacturing with assembly in the first phase by reducing charges and taxes on solar panel imports. Pakistan also has stockpiles of fundamental raw materials for producing solar wafers.

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