toshakhana mercedes benztoshakhana mercedes benz

A Mercedes Benz that Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif buys from Toshakhana (Government’s gift shop) is all over the news as the Mercedes Benz costed around $2250 (around 6.4 lakh). The Mercedes Benz news got viral as the Mercedes Benz costed Rs. 6.5 lakh while the cheapest car in Pakistan costs around Rs. 22 lakh ($7500). The Mercedes Benz cost was estimated low for Rs. 42 lakh and was purchased by paying around 20 percent of the estimated price of the car.

Politics in Pakistan has long been divided over the issue of toshakhana presents. The records of the Toshakhana, or Pakistan’s treasury, where gifts received by government leaders are deposited, were made public on Sunday in a historic first by the Pakistani government.

Many senior state officials are accused of buying costly gifts from foreign dignitaries for a small fee, taking them home, selling them for a high price on the open market, and keeping the profit.

Khawaja Asif, the defense minister of Pakistan, announced a few days ago that the federal government had decided not to declassify the data from the state archive.

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