Metro Motorcycles company is coming up with Metro Electric Scooter, a solution to Pakistan’s increased fuel prices. Pakistan’s current catastrophic fuel prices rise, people there are racing to find economical ways of transportation and electric vehicles looks like a solution. Despite the fact that electric bikes, often known as “e-bikes,” appear to be the ideal solution, there aren’t enough of them in Pakistan to make a meaningful paradigm shift. In this time of need Metro Motorcycles comes up with a solution.

Metro Electric Scooter:

Metro Motorcycles is ready to launch their first Electric Scooter soon. According to the company Facebook page, Metro Motorcycles is launching an electric scooter that will be capable to cover 90km distance in a single charge. According to the social media post, the Metro Electric scooter will help you save 1500 liters of petrol costing around Rs. 360000 in 1 year.

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Metro Motorcycles:

Metro Motorcycles is a division of the 1973-founded Yunas group of companies. For local clients, the business first produced a wide variety of fans under the brand name Metro fans. This company was well-known for producing bracket fans, exhaust fans, pedestal fans, and ceiling fans. With the passage of time and the expansion of their business, they started a line of household appliances, which was quite successful in the market.

They have air conditioners, washers, gas and electric heaters, and washers available. Metro Motorcycles, which is currently ranked among the top ten list of greatest bike manufacturers, is the most exclusive manufacturer within the Yunas group of industries.

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Metro Motorcycles Mission:

Our mission is to become a market leader in motorcycle industry. In terms of production, sale, marketing, services, after-sale back up, quality, technology, innovation, research and development. Just in order to ensure the attractive benefits for shareholders, stakeholders, employees, business associates, customers and society overall.

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To provide durable, cost effective, energy efficient and environment friendly motorcycles. These are equipped with state of the art quality and technology through precision, innovation, manpower training, research & development.

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