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Carl Pei, the founder of the brand, has created true enthusiasm surrounding a mobile phone with the Nothing Phone 1. This is something that few manufacturers can do. Tony Fadell, the creator of the iPod, Kevin Lin, co-founder of Twitch, and Steve Huffman, CEO of Reddit, are the backers of the phone with the lightbars on the back and largely unmodified Android.

Nothing phone 1 features

The Nothing Phone 1’s design aesthetic is similar to that of the iPhones: Particularly from the front and side views, its metal frame is sharp and resembles an iPhone a lot. LED light bars, which Nothing installs at the back and refers to as “Glyph,” are used. The individual regions can be made to flash for calls and notifications if wanted, but normally they just act as light strips in front of you.

The Nothing Phone 1’s hardware is very conventional, save from the little gimmicks: Motorola’s Edge 20, for instance, which costs only 380 euros, uses the Snapdragon 778G+. The base model costs 470 euros and comes with 8 GB of main memory; if you want 12 GB, you must spend 550 euros. The Phone 1 performs well in benchmark testing; in Geekbench5 multi-core, it outperforms the Fairphone 4 and is nearly as quick as Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S22 Ultra in its Exynos variant.

The software is also respectable: Android 12 comes pre-installed on Phone 1, and no updates beyond Android 15 are promised. Even four years should be allowed for the delivery of security updates. The operating system on the gadget, dubbed “Nothing OS” by the maker, is a virtually untouched version of Android. This is largely apparent in the few animations at the beginning; aside from that, the Nothing OS experience is very similar to that of stock Android.

Strong runtimes are provided by the built-in 4350 mAh battery, which lasted 20.7 hours when viewing a YouTube movie at 200 cd/m2 brightness. With the first cell phone’s camera, nothing is off limits: The Phone 1 is happy with just two camera modules, unlike other manufacturers that slap three, four, or even five lenses on the rear.

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