Pakistan is currently experiencing the worst case scenario of the climate disaster; the 2022 inundation has not only rendered millions of people homeless but has also exacerbated the health issue there. Although there are several reasons that contribute to health crises, drinking contaminated water is the most frequent one.

Water scarcity was already an issue for the nation before the flood. Water scarcity will be detrimental to Pakistan’s socioeconomic sector because the country is heavily dependent on agriculture, with more than 24% of its GDP and 42% of the labor force being employed in this industry.

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The OASIS Box is a unique, all-in-one solar-powered water extraction and filtering system that combines the pump, filtration system, and storage tank into a single, transportable modular unit that is simple to install and affordable. It is ideal for remote, water-scarce towns. The name Bondh E Shams, which means “droplets from the sun,” reflects our commitment to upholding everyone’s right to access clean water while simultaneously preserving the environment.

Water scarcity affects more than 80% of Pakistan’s population, making access to clean, safe drinking water a luxury. Since the Oasis Box can supply clean, drinkable water for 25 years, Bondh E Shams not only aims to provide water to every person but also is environmentally responsible, socially responsible, and commercially viable.

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With offices in four nations—the United States, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, and Pakistan—and more than 75 sustainability ambassadors, the venture operates internationally and is committed to offering sustainable solutions. Bondh E Shams is currently providing filtered sustainable water in different countries including Sudan, Bangladesh, Yemen and also in Pakistan.

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