Pakistan earns Rs. 1000 billion from googlePakistan earns Rs. 1000 billion from google

According to Google’s Country Director Farhan Qureshi, it has been an exciting year for Pakistan as Pakistan earned Rs. 1000 billion through google in various transactions in a year.

According to a Google executive, clients benefitted by Rs. 210 billion in a year. According to Qureshi, Google creates 410,000 job possibilities per year, and there are 350 content creators in Pakistan with a million followers.

He further stated that half of the viewers are from outside Pakistan. He also stated that 1,600 game studios had been created in the last five years. Qureshi further stated that there were 5,400 YouTube channels with 100,000 subscribers.

How Pakistan is Earning from Google?

Are you curious about how Pakistan is earning from Google? It’s no secret that Google is the most popular search engine worldwide, and it’s also the most commonly used search engine in Pakistan. This article will discuss the various ways Pakistan is earning from Google, including through Google AdSense, Google Maps, and Google Play.

Pakistan’s Growing Digital Market

Pakistan’s digital market is growing rapidly. According to a report by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA), there are over 100 million internet users in Pakistan. This large number of users presents an opportunity for businesses and individuals to earn from the internet.

Google AdSense is one of the most popular ways to earn money online. It’s a program that allows website owners to display ads on their site. When a user clicks on an ad, the website owner earns a percentage of the revenue generated by that click.

How does AdSense work?

AdSense works by analyzing the content on a website and displaying ads that are relevant to that content. For example, if a website is about technology, AdSense will display ads related to technology.

AdSense in Pakistan

AdSense is a popular way for Pakistani bloggers and website owners to earn money online. Bloggers can create content on any topic and earn revenue from the ads displayed on their site.

Requirements for AdSense

To be eligible for AdSense, a website must have original content, comply with Google’s terms of service, and have a sufficient amount of traffic.

Google Maps

Google Maps is a popular app that provides users with maps, directions, and information about businesses in their area.

How does Google Maps work?

Google Maps uses a combination of satellite imagery, street-level photography, and data from Google Street View to provide users with detailed maps and directions.

Google Maps in Pakistan

Google Maps is widely used in Pakistan, and businesses are taking advantage of the app to promote their services. Businesses can create a Google My Business account, which allows them to appear on Google Maps and provide information about their services, hours of operation, and reviews.

Google Play

Google Play is an app store for Android devices. It allows users to download and install apps, games, music, and books.

How does Google Play work?

Google Play allows developers to create and publish apps on the platform. Users can then download and install the apps on their Android devices.

Google Play in Pakistan

Google Play is widely used in Pakistan, and developers are creating apps specifically for the Pakistani market. Popular apps in Pakistan include messaging apps, news apps, and gaming apps.

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