Pakistan is planning to train a million of its IT graduates in the artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

The government is planning to push AI adoption accross the board in the country and subsequently become a major player in the emerging technology.

The South Asian nation with a massive population of young people joins a growing list of countries investing in AI after generative AI laymanized the technology and platforms like OpenAI’s ChatGPT amassed 266 million total users since its launch in November.

The The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication recently launched the National Artificial Intelligence Policy which outlined the government’s plans.

The policy says that the goal is to establish a “hybrid intelligence ecosystem for equitable, responsible, and transparent use of AI.”

The training will be carried out of around one million new and existing IT graduates in high-impact applied AI skills.

Moreoever, the goal is to offer employment to at least 10,000 of the trainers by 2027.

As a part of higher education in the country, a National Artificial Intelligence Fund will be launched for on-job training and AI scholarships in the universities.

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Furthermore, The government also plans to launch a network of centers of excellence in AI and allied technologies nationwide.

The world’s fifth-most populous country with nearly 250 million people is the latest country to focus on AI as the technology is getting readily adopted around the world and its use cases are inceasing each day.

President Arif Alvi believes that Pakistan can make up for its economic shortcomings and leapfrog its peers through AI. Speaking at an AI event in March, he said the technology would supercharge the country’s ailing economy.

“This (AI) provides a faster growth path to Pakistan’s economy than the world’s fastest bullet train. If we get on it (AI train), the world will be opened for us,” the president noted.

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