Indian analysts blames IPL for lack of unity and passion in the team

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There are always a lot of tension and anticipation during a match between Pakistan and India, and this one was no exception. We were particularly on the edge of our seats at the conclusion, but Pakistan prevailed in the end.

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In their Super Four encounter of the Asia Cup 2022, Pakistan chased a 182-run target set by India. When Pakistan won the toss and decided to bowl first, it seemed promising, but then players got hurt or underperformed, leaving supporters in a state of constant suspense over the second innings.

Indian Sports analysts are not happy with the Indian team defeat because of the lack of intent to win and non-seriousness of the team in such a nail biting match. Indian Sports analysts says that IPL have impacted the unity and intent of the Indian team.

All the Indian team members play in different teams and are mostly facing each other in IPL and because of the money involved in IPL and the immense earnings, Indian team have degraded their domestic tournaments.

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The players who play the domestic series such as Ranjhi trophies are not a part of the National team while the national team players, prefer IPL over the domestic series. Because of the different priorities and a lot of money players get from IPL, the players do not have any unity and take the international matches non-serious.

Pakistan team on the other hand gets the talent from PSL and then the domestic tournaments like Faisal Cup and Quaid-e-Azam trophy. All the national team players play in the domestic tournaments and are able to play more matches under the provincial and department flags.

Pakistan In the second of possibly three games between the two longtime rivals in the 2022 Asia Cup, Pakistan pulled off an incredible pursuit to get back at India. India reached 181/7 thanks to Virat Kohli’s 60 off 44 balls and two misfields in the last over from Fakhar Zaman.

India dismissed Pakistan’s skipper Babar Azam and Fakhar before they could do too much damage, putting Pakistan on the back foot for the majority of the first half of their chase. However, Mohammad Nawaz and Mohammad Rizwan changed the course of the game with a 73-run partnership in just 41 balls. After Arshdeep Singh dropped an easy catch, Asif Ali nearly brought Pakistan home.

The dropped catch by Arshdeep Singh has caused an outrage on twitter as some nationalists extremists call him Khalistani for dropping a catch that led to India’s loss, although Arshdeep Singh bowled a really great last over with taking a wicket.

Asif was taken out by Arshdeep with just two balls remaining, and Pakistan still needed two runs to win. The next ball saw two runs scored by Pakistan, who went on to win the match by five wickets.

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