Leading Pakistani denim manufacturer Azgard9 has launched a highly unique and difficult fashion project with the goal of realizing what the future of fashion might be. The company has introduced Jeans products that are made from banana fiber which is a revolution in the denim industry. The banana fiber is 100% biodegradable which will help to preserve the environment by reducing fewer chemicals and also emissions of waste products and gases. The Jeans products will also be recyclable and degradable which is a big plus as they will not pollute the environment.

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All the synthetic and natural fibers can be replaced with banana fiber. Banana fiber is non-toxic, chemical-free, odorless, and eco-friendly. Since no toxic chemicals or colors are utilized, banana fibers’ inherent cooling and therapeutic properties improve the health of their user.

Banana Fiber

Banana fiber is a type of fiber that is mostly derived from the banana plant’s bark. It is a bast fiber and resembles bamboo fiber in appearance. Cellulose, lignin, and hemicellulose make up the majority of their chemical makeup. Banana plant stems are cut and processed to create fabric. The natural fiber, which is made from the stem of the banana tree and is extremely durable, is biodegradable. The fiber is made up of thick-walled cell tissue that is bound together by natural gums.

The manufacturer (AZGARD)

AZGARD NINE LTD is one of the oldest corporate families in the subcontinent, the “Shaikh” family, currently in its fourth generation, has experience in a variety of industries in Pakistan and has a demonstrated history of effective leadership across four continents. Although the family founded its initial business in Shamkot, on the Asian subcontinent, in 1886, its official industrialized operations in the “Yarn Manufacturing” sector didn’t begin until 1972.

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Open-End Spinning and Denim Weaving processes were added in 1995 after the current specialized yarn plant was established in 1972. The Retail-Ready Made Garments activities, which were established in 1997, represented the last frontier.

The idea underlying the Group’s Textiles goals was to become a fully vertical provider of composite apparel solutions with a basis in a nation that could sustain its competitive edge in this market for many years to come. With “Italian Technology Partners,” the quickest lead time to supply any denim product, and prompt replenishment of goods to the European markets from the company’s warehouse facilities in Istanbul, Turkey, AZGARD NINE LTD is able to stay ahead of the worldwide competition.

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