The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has given the go-ahead to open Pakistan’s first-ever virtual zoo to protect animal rights as per the Islamabad High Court ruling. People are quite enthusiastic because this is the first time something similar is scheduled to launch in Pakistan.

Islamabad, the nation’s capital of Pakistan, will soon host this virtual zoo. Islamabad Wildlife Management Board is to be handed control over this virtual zoo (IWMB).

In an interview with the media, Rina Saeed, the chair of the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board, announced the distribution of land as well as confirmed the allocation of land to the IWMB.

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Two thirds of the site would be used as an entertainment area, according to Rina Saeed’s claims. For the audience, this area will have documentaries, animal animatronic models, a visual gallery, educational 3D shows, cutting-edge movies, and virtual performances.

The rescue and rehabilitation center will be built on the remaining third of the property. This rehabilitation facility will offer excellent services to animals not only inside the zoo’s boundaries but also from all around Pakistan.

Rina Saeed continued, “The preliminary plans have been made, and we will shortly move forward with the zoo’s development in the federal capital of Islamabad.

The IHC (Islamabad High Court) issued a ruling ordering the zoo’s closure back in 2020. The animals were moved into shelter residences in accordance with the directive. Two years later, the concept of a virtual zoo is finally starting to materialize.

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Metropolitan Cooperation has given the people some reliable information, and in response, CDA’s land department has given IWMB access to 25 acres of the zoo’s land. On this plot of land, IWMB aims to establish a virtual zoo and animal rescue facility.

The Pakistani Planning Commission has received a 500 million PKR PC-II from the IWMB.

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