Pakistan International Airline (PIA) has chosen to offer internet access through WIFI to its customers during flights similar to the leading airlines. Currently the world leading airlines are providing free and paid WIFI services during flights. The national carrier has begun installing Wi-Fi equipment and will soon offer passengers internet access.

The companies offering to install the in-flight entertainment system have been asked for recommendations by the PIA management as well. The internet service will first be available on 10 of PIA’s Boeing 777s, which have been used on lengthier journeys, and 14 AIRBUS A320. The choice was made in consideration of Khawaja Saad Rafique, Minister of Federal Aviation, special directives.

PIA reduces fares for domestic and international flights by 10%

It was reported earlier in July that the United States (US) has indicated its preparedness for direct flights from Pakistan by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).

Salman Sufi, the head of the prime minister’s strategic reforms unit, made the news at a press conference in the US capital. Sufi claimed that shortly, airport representatives from the FAA will travel to Pakistan to examine the PIA planes that will be utilized for US flights.

New Planes to the fleet

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is attempting to enhance the quantity of flights on its international routes by adding more wide-body aircraft to its fleet.

The national flag carrier will attempt to purchase three wide-body jets during Q1 of 2023, according to a PIA official, and a tender will be floated in this regard in the upcoming weeks.

UAE to invest $1 billion in Pakistani companies, Shehbaz Sharif thanks UAE

Earlier reports suggested that Pakistan’s national flag airline was considering purchasing Airbus A-330 and Boeing 787 planes. The rumors, however, did not list the variations that PIA will purchase.

The second Airbus A-320 aircraft joined PIA’s fleet last month. This year, the PIA has added a second A-320 aircraft to its fleet. This aircraft was purchased on a six-year dry lease.

In order to provide its clients the newest travel amenities, PIA had initially launched a tender for the purchase of four A-320s last year. April of this year saw the introduction of the first A-320 aircraft.

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