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Rent a car and plant your own tree
Rent a car and plant your own tree

You might would have heard of different startup and green environment ideas to make the environment green and clean but here is an amazing initiative by an Irish rental company. In Ireland you can rent a car and plant your own tree through the amazing initiative by a car rental service.

“My Irish Cousin,” Ireland’s friendliest vehicle rental service, is inspiring people all over the world to take action and change the world one ride at a time!

“My Irish Cousin” has pledged to plant one native Irish tree for each customer who rents a vehicle in 2023. These trees, which can be oak, alder, or roan, will help offset carbon emissions from driving around the Emerald Isle in a vehicle.

The trees will be planted in collaboration with Cloudforest on the beautiful Wild Atlantic Way, at Mountoven in Co. Kerry on the renowned Dingle Peninsula.

Customers can book a rental with “My Irish Cousin” and have a positive effect on the environment.

“By promising to give each customer their own tree with their car rental, we’re not only doing our part for the environment, but we’re also giving our customers a great memento that they’ll cherish forever; their very own little piece of Ireland!”

My Irish Cousin hopes that by planting these trees, he can help restore and preserve Ireland’s natural beauty for future generations.

Their dedication to sustainability and environmental conservation aren’t the only things that set these people apart from the rental car industry. My Irish Cousin is well-known for their friendly, helpful service, which provides total peace of mind and no hidden costs when renting one of their vehicles.

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