Samsung office Ukraine is damaged in a result of Missile attack. In Kyiv, Ukraine, where one of Samsung’s largest R&D offices in Europe and its regional headquarters are situated, the missile apparently came down very adjacent to a sizable residential structure.

Sadly, several individuals were hurt, and the structure sustained serious damage. On Twitter, a number of pictures and videos showing the extent of the dust and smoke buildup nearby have surfaced. Uncertainty surrounds the degree of the harm, and Samsung has not yet responded to a request for comment.

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One of the many businesses that ceased selling goods to Russia after it invaded Ukraine was Samsung. The Korean phone manufacturer stated in March of this year that it would stop selling smartphones, chipsets, TVs, accessories, and other products in Russia. This was a significant choice for Samsung because the country accounted for over 30% of the global smartphone market.

Additionally, Samsung stopped making TVs in Moscow, Russia. Samsung did not officially comment on the matter, despite a Russian media article from last month suggesting that the company may resume smartphone shipments in the nation in October. Therefore, it is yet unknown if Samsung intends to continue operations in the nation.

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Despite these losses, Samsung is still the world’s largest manufacturer of smartphones, with a sizable market share on practically every continent. Despite fierce competition from big players like LG and TSMC, its display and semiconductor businesses are also booming.

It is currently developing a 3 nm chip production technology for the next generation of power- and performance-efficient smartphone chips.

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