Tawal KSA, a Saudi telecom company starts its operations in Pakistan with telecom infrastructure acquired from a Pakistani operator.

TAWAL had announced Pakistan’s AWAL telecom as TAWAL had intended to expand its services in Pakistan. AWAL Private Limited is an independent Passive Telecommunications Tower Provider company, founded in 2014 in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Tawal is a division of the Saudi Telecommunications Company (STC), which manages more than 15,500 telecom towers throughout the Kingdom and is partially controlled by the Saudi government.

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Tawal KSA was represented at the meeting by its Chief International Officer (CIO), Emmanuel Leonard. Juan Pablo Sanchez, the country manager for Tawal Pakistan, and Shah Faisal Safdar Khattak, the director and country representative for Tawal Pakistan were also part of the group.

The company’s operations and purpose to build vital telecom infrastructure in Pakistan were explained to Miftah.

Leonard spoke on Tawal’s upcoming offerings and how the company hopes to help Pakistani mobile network operators meet their expanded coverage and capacity needs for the country’s quickly expanding data demand.

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The delegation received assurances from the finance minister that the government intends to offer all assistance necessary to ease company operations and promote foreign direct investment in Pakistan.

The entire acquisition of AWAL Telecom by TAWAL in February marked the company’s first international growth outside of the Kingdom and its entry into the Pakistani market.

Following regulatory approval from Pakistani authorities, the agreement will see AWAL renamed as TAWAL Pakistan and serve as the starting point for TAWAL’s operations in the nation. The Pakistani Finance Minister highlighted TAWAL’s worth and significance for the growth of the country’s telecom industry and expressed appreciation for the way it is currently operating.

The group received assurances from the finance minister that the current administration intends to offer every support feasible to ease trade and promote foreign direct investment in Pakistan.

Due to the establishment of 4G LTE and 5G mobile networks, Pakistan’s mobile voice and broadband subscribers have seen double-digit growth in recent years.

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