Imran Khan’s government in KPK have shifted 6600 Mosques to solar energy. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Government lead by Imran Khan’s party PTI has been performing remarkable in the country amid the political instability. More than 6500 mosques around the province currently have solar panels installed by the government, and 9,000 more mosques will soon switch to solar power.

The KP government has initiated an honorarium for Muslim clerics and experts of minority religions for the first time in history, in addition to installing solar panels in mosques around the province. An honorarium is essentially a payment made to acknowledge someone for work they have done.

Mahmood Khan, the chief minister of KP, stated that his administration has always taken action to promote the welfare of the public when launching these projects.

Government plans 14,000MW solar power by reducing panels prices and giving tax incentives

Chief Minister Secretariat added that “PTI has emerged as the sole political party that is representative of Pakistanis and stands for their rights” when discussing the reforms and transformation agenda of the KP administration.

He added that the province administration occasionally demonstrated this by acting to promote the wellbeing of citizens. These programs and changes include

“Sehat Card Plus, standardized academic curricula, renovation and repair of healthcare facilities, creation of service delivery centers, and payment of honoraria to clerics and minority religious leaders.

the introduction of the Insaf Food Card, changes made to the patwar system, solarization of mosques, expansion of the province’s communication infrastructure, and numerous other initiatives are all part of the provincial government’s good governance plan.

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