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Pakistan’s economy is becoming more and more dependent on startups, as many businesspeople use technology to address regional issues and open up new possibilities. Here are some startup ideas and important steps to promote startup culture in Pakistan. Startups have a number of benefits, one of which is their capacity for innovation and fast movement.

Startup funding dives 80% in Q4 2022 amid major economic crisis

Startups have the potential to be nimble and adjust to changing conditions in a country like Pakistan where infrastructure and bureaucracy can be significant growth inhibitors. This flexibility can help startups remain one step ahead of bigger, more established businesses and open up fresh growth prospects.

Startup Ideas:

There are a number of viable tech company concepts in Pakistan that could be successful both on the domestic market and internationally. We need to create and promote the best tech startups as technology will help train the fresh graduates and increase their learning. Listed are a few startup ideas and examples of startups in Pakistan in the specific area.


Pakistan’s industry for online sales is expected to reach $2.1 billion in 2021. launching an online store with distinctive goods, affordable rates, and simple payment and delivery methods.

DealCart raised $4.5 million in the pre-seed fund just after 3 months of its launch


Education technology startups in Pakistan have a lot of potential because more students than ever are learning online. Creating online learning systems, virtual tutoring programs, and assessment tools.

Pakistan’s first TikTok e-learning start-up “Edkasa” raises $320K in pre-seed


The banking industry in Pakistan is quickly embracing digital technologies, opening doors for fintech companies. Online investment platforms, blockchain-based financial services, and mobile banking and payment solutions are a few examples of fintech startups that can thrive in Pakistan.

Lahore-base fintech OneLoad raise $11m funding from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


Healthtech startups in Pakistan have a lot of potential because of the country’s expanding population and restricted access to high-quality healthcare. This can involve creating telemedicine, online pharmacy, and digital health record systems.

World Bank allocates $225m to support Agriculture, e-commerce, health care startups

Logistic and Delivery

There is a significant need for quick and effective logistics and dispatch services as e-commerce expands. It can be a good notion to create a startup that provides quick and dependable delivery services.

PostEx acquires Call Courier to serve 1.3 million users with e-commerce services

Social Media:

The social media industry in Pakistan is sizable and expanding. A successful startup concept might involve creating a social media platform or application that targets the neighborhood.

Pakistan’s first TikTok e-learning start-up “Edkasa” raises $320K in pre-seed


Cybersecurity is becoming more and more necessary as Pakistan’s digital industry expands. It can be lucrative to launch a cybersecurity startup that offers services to both people and companies.

NUST Graduate’s “inLights” has developed Intelligent Traffic System, BIG step towards Smart Islamabad

Steps to encourage Startup culture in Pakistan

Encouraging a startup culture in Pakistan will require a concerted effort from various stakeholders, including the government, private sector, academia, and the startup community itself. Here are some steps that can be taken to promote and foster the growth of startups in Pakistan:

Create a helpful regulatory environment

The government should create policies and regulations that are favorable to startups, such as tax incentives, streamlined business registration processes, and relaxed labor laws. This will make it easier for startups to establish themselves and operate in the country. We need to introduce the best startup incubators to support and promote the startups culture in Pakistan. Startup laws should be created to help the startups grow and save them from unnecessary regulations.

Startup funding dives 80% in Q4 2022 amid major economic crisis

Increase access to financing

Startups need access to capital to get off the ground and grow. The government can encourage the development of venture capital and angel investor networks, as well as create a startup fund to provide seed capital to early-stage ventures. There should be sponsors to provide startup capital for small business. Business funding for startups is important to encourage the culture.

World Bank allocates $225m to support Agriculture, e-commerce, health care startups

Create an ecosystem for startups

Startups can gain access to mentoring, resources, and networking opportunities by creating an ecosystem that includes incubators, accelerators, and co-working spaces. Such facilities and a thriving startup community can be established by the government in collaboration with partners from the business sector.

Encourage entrepreneurship education

Promoting entrepreneurship education can aid in the development of an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset in schools and universities. To create and advance entrepreneurship curricula in schools and colleges, the public and private sectors can collaborate.

“Google Startups Accelerator Program” launched to assist Pakistani startups that raised $350 million in 2021

Encourage collaboration between established companies and startups

This will help to promote innovation and will give startups access to markets and consumers. By providing incentives for established companies to collaborate with startups and by setting up platforms for cooperation, the government can promote this.

Establish a supportive infrastructure

Startup development requires a supportive infrastructure. High-speed internet, reasonably priced workplace space, and dependable transportation are all included. To create and enhance the infrastructure required for startups to succeed, the government can collaborate with members of the commercial sector.

Pakistan lead educationist launches “KnowlEDGEStreams” to train youth for the IT industry


By taking these actions, Pakistan can foster an atmosphere that encourages the growth of startups, which can aid in the creation of jobs, promote innovation, and aid in the economic development of the nation.

The business and society of Pakistan are being significantly impacted by startups. Startups are influencing Pakistan’s future and opening up new avenues for development and prosperity by tackling regional issues, generating employment, and fostering innovation.

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