Tesla Y recalled for loose boltsTesla Y recalled for loose bolts

Tesla is recalls 3,470, 2022-2023 Model Y cars due to improperly secured bolts in the second-row seat back frames which can cause malfunction in case of accident.

According to a recall report filed in late February, an estimated 4% of vehicles are affected.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the loose bolts “increase the risk of injury for occupants seated in affected second-row seating positions” by making seat belts more likely to malfunction in an accident.

The second-row driver and passenger-side seat back frames are held in position by four bolts per seat back in Model Y vehicles. However, “one or more of the bolts connecting the seat back frames to the lower seat frame may not have been torqued to specifications” during the production of some Model Y vehicles.

Owners who notice that the second-row seat back frame folds incorrectly or is sloppy and rattles while traveling can determine if their vehicle is impacted.

Since last December, Tesla has discovered five warranty claims involving the bolts, but it is not aware of any accidents or fatalities as a result.

A Tesla investigation and risk assessment that began in December after a driver in Fremont, California, discovered a defective seat back bolt, concluded on February 17. The decision to recall was taken the same day.

The recall was announced in the same month that Tesla recalled all 363,000 of its US cars equipped with “Full Self Driving” driver assistance software because of safety concerns. This was a much bigger recall that had a negative impact on the business model of the automaker.

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