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Pakistan’s organic meat company (TOMCL) starts exporting Pet food to Canada

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The Organic Meat Company Limited (PSX: TOMCL) has successfully obtained approval to export “Pet Chews” to Canada, according to the company’s PSX filing today.

Pakistan’s organic meat company, TOMCL is the first Pakistani business to be granted permission to export these products to Canada.

In addition, the State Committee for Veterinary Medicine and Livestock Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan has granted the company permission to supply “Meat and meat products / chilled and frozen” to Uzbekistan.

These approvals will have a favorable influence on the company’s operations and provide good value to its shareholders.


The Organic Meat Company Ltd. is a world-class meat producer that adheres to all international hygiene and agricultural produce requirements.

Our processing plant in Karachi, Pakistan, is equipped with a variety of capabilities to supply delicate, fresh, and healthy meat to our valued consumers worldwide.

The company is a major exporter of Pakistani beef, mutton, camel meat, and offal products. TOMCL, which is ISO 9001-2015, GMP, and HACCP certified, exports to many nations across the world from world-class meat processing plants that meet all international food hygiene and good manufacturing practices.

TOMCL exports to other countries

Here are some investments and export approvals from other countries in in 2022 in the TOMCL.

Investment by Saudi Arabia

In October 2022, the Organic Meat Company stated that the Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Company, which is owned by the kingdom’s sovereign Public Investment Fund, had expressed interest in purchasing up to 30% of the Pakistani organization.

Supply Contract to Jordan and Kuwait

In May 2022, The Organic Meat Company Limited (TOMCL) announced that it was the first company in Pakistan to acquire supply contracts for beef export to Jordan and Kuwait.

The contract for “Fresh Chilled Bone-in Beef” to be provided to Jordan is worth $1.6 million, while the deal for “Commercially Branded Frozen Bone-in Beef” to be supplied to Kuwait is worth $0.6 million.

Meat Exports to US, Europe

The Organic Meat Company Ltd. (TOMCL), a Pakistani meat processor, stated in May 2022 that it had been given contracts worth $1 million to supply pet food to Europe and the United States.

It was “the first company from Pakistan to successfully export pet food to Europe, and also the pioneer to export the same to the USA market earlier,” according to a notice to the Pakistan Stock Exchange.

Frozen Meat supply contract to Saudi Arabia

The Organic Meat Company Ltd. (TOMCL) was given a $1 million contract in September 2021 to provide frozen meat to Saudi Arabia.

TOMCL announced on Monday that it had been contracted to supply frozen boneless deglanded beef to Global Developing Food Industries Company, Saudi Arabia, in a notice to the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX).

The contract called for 25 metric tons of meat to be delivered to Damam on a monthly basis via sea for a duration of ten months.

Heat treated beef exports to China

The Chinese customs officials gave permission to Pakistan’s meat processing company, The Organic Meat Company Ltd. (TOMCL), to export heat-treated beef to China.

“We would like to inform you that The Organic Meat Company Limited has received approvals and been granted registration by Chinese customs authorities for the export of heat treated beef meat to the People’s Republic of China,” TOMCL said in an April 2021 statement.

The firm claimed to have invented the heat treatment procedure that allowed the Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) virus to be removed from cattle flesh.

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