Toshakhana watchToshakhana watch

The long-awaited records of Toshakhana gifts received by public office holders from foreign countries and dignitaries since 2002 are made public by the Pakistan Government. Pakistani Politicians, Bureaucrats and Army officers and politicians family members bought luxury watches thousands of gift products.

Pakistan Politicians, Bureaucrats and Army officers bought luxury watches that are worth 1000s of Dollars for Free or 2% cost of the estimated price from Toshakhana causing anger in Public. The toshakhana record is made public after the court ruling to declassify the toshakhana record and bring it to public domain.

According to the record published by the cabinet division, 1200+ luxury watches are purchased or looted by politicians, bureaucrats and army officers after fake price estimation and then paying 2% or even getting it for free.

Toshakhana Paksitan

The Toshakhana was established in 1974 and is a section under the administrative authority of the Cabinet Division. It houses priceless gifts that foreign dignitaries and heads of other governments and states have given to rulers, lawmakers, bureaucrats, and officials.

Gifts/presents and other similar materials received by individuals to whom these rules pertain must be reported to the Cabinet Division, per Toshakhana regulations.

In view of proceedings against former prime minister Imran Khan for “not sharing details” of Toshakhana gifts, the department has been in the press recently.

Toshakhana rules

The following are the financial restrictions on how much money the receivers may keep from their gifts:

The recipient may keep gifts up to a valuation of Rs. 30,000/- (Rupees only thirty thousand) for free.

On payment of the amount over the standard exemption of Rs. 30,000, the recipient may be permitted to keep gifts worth more than that. However, this exemption will not apply to gifts and antiques with inherent historical worth. All such gifts must be correctly cataloged and displayed in the government’s illustrious buildings. For the purposes of valuation, various gifts that a single dignitary gives to a functionary on one occasion will be regarded as a single gift.

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