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U.S. car manufacturer, Ford plans to lay off 1,100 jobs at its Valencia plant in eastern Spain, a company representative said on Friday. Ford layoffs will be another big layoff from a U.S. company in the past few months following the steps of Amazon, Meta, Google, Twitter and other big tech companies.

The company’s changes to its vehicle manufacturing lineup in Europe, which were disclosed to unions, include the layoffs, the spokesperson said.

To lessen the effects of the separations on the workers, their families, and the neighborhood, Ford will actively collaborate with its union partners, she said.

The business has made the decision to stop producing station wagon-like S-Max vehicles and Galaxy minivans in Valencia.

Ford lay off reasons

Ford recently disclosed layoffs in its engineering departments in Europe, but it is still seeking software professionals for its data services.

Commercial vehicle manufacturers are engaged in a fierce data war, and as electric models, which are basically mobile computers, become more popular, the competition will only grow.

It is becoming just as crucial to use data to demonstrate where vans are, how much fuel they use, how drivers use or abuse them, whether they can skip an oil change, and most importantly, how to avoid downtime.

In the European Union, there is also an ongoing conflict between automakers and insurers, leasing firms, and auto repair shops over access to connected car data and the enormous potential income it could produce.

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