The 1st metaverse company in Pakistan was founded in 2017 and is called Big Immersive. Big Immersive consists of teams of proficient 2D, 3D, UI/UX, and concept artists, animators, sound artists, Unity, Unreal, and full stack developers, DevOps, Quality Assurance engineers, and producers are all employed by the company and work as a single, cohesive team. Big Immersive moves to an F1 track after dominating the fields of augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality and working with renowned IPs all over the world which a good news for startups and tech companies in Pakistan.

NUST graduate’s AI based company is acquired Meta (Facebook)

Big Immersive, which was founded in the summer of 2017, uses the power of virtual reality to break new ground. It offers a variety of VR and AR games and experiences, showcasing its skill in creating dynamic virtual worlds for digital valuables and art. Big Immersive has technology studio that specializes in 3D content for mixed reality and augmented reality. Big Immersive is an organization that specializes in developing digital eco systems and has experience that is backed and recognized by some of the largest brands in the entertainment sector.

In the quickly changing world of Formula 1, businesses give their race teams everything they have. The fastest lap isn’t the only factor. Consistency, tenacity, morale, and most importantly, the fans, are key factors.

“KP Science Agenda” worth Rs. 1.5 billion launched for digital transformation

Many F1 teams have garnered cult followings throughout time. Dedicated supporters who support their teams year after year. Each project needs to be properly thought out in order to have such a devoted fanbase. The machine itself must reflect the diverse qualities of the crew in terms of appearance and feel.

The extremely detailed liveries that are applied to the cars are a distinguishing feature of each team; they perfectly combine all of the sponsors, themes, and styles of each team to create nothing less than poetry in color.

While Ferrari is commemorating its 75th anniversary with a distinctive yellow and black Monza motif and McLaren has unveiled an astounding all-pink livery, the Williams F1 is back in the recognizable deep blue.

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